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Brand Design

Boost your credibility with professional branding.

Let's craft a brand that speaks to your ideal clients and shows the world your beautiful self.

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What's Makes a great Brand?

Elements Of A Brand

A brand isn’t just your logo or the visual elements. It’s how your customer feels about you and your business. It’s your reputation. And it starts with understanding what goes into a good brand.


Be clear in what your brand stands for.


Transparency, and being true to your values and promises.


Evoke an emotional connection with your target market.


Consistent in voice, visual identity, and messaging.


Become recognizable and easy to remember. 


The flexibility to evolve, while staying true to your values.

Your Visual Identity

The Complete Brand Package

What's Included?

  • Primary & Secondary Logos

    Your main logo, and a simplified version in 6 file formats*.

  • Logomark and Favicon

    Your symbol logo (think Apple icon), and the icon for browser tabs.

  • Colour Palette

    A color palette with 5-7 colors representing your brand.

  • Fonts and Style

    The fonts (header, body, Accent, Script) for your brand.

  • Brand Style Guide

    A PDF with guidelines on how to use and implement your branding.

*File formats: SVG, EPS, PDF, AI (Adobe Illustrator), PNG, JPG.


$ 750